Infrared Light Therapy Benefits

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Infrared light therapy also called by the name low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and photobiomodulation. It is considered low level because it works at a very low energy level than any other laser treatments available. Infrared light therapy benefits have been explored in the field of medical treatment in particular. Infrared is the invisible part of sun’s spectrum of light; its heating effect can impart various soothing effects to human body. It is quite similar to the mild sunbath you take when relaxing on the beach. The treatment is absolutely natural and painless. Infrared lights penetrate 2 to 7 centimeters into the skin, muscles, and nerves and increase the blood circulation, nutrient contents in the affected area.

It promotes sweat production so that the toxins can be expelled out through it to an extent. Infrared rays of 430 THz frequency are much safer to be used to provide a warmth condition to newborn babies. Infrared light can relieve pain, detox, and calorie burning effectively. Most of the infrared light therapy benefits can be achieved through multiple sessions of treatments. Adjustable pads accommodating many infrared lights are placed closely over the skin, over the affected area. After half an hour of continuous treatment, subsequent changes can be noted. Longer the wavelength of light deeper is its penetration into the body.

Out of the many benefits of infrared light therapy, some of them are arthritis, back pain, diabetic neuropathy, tendonitis, wounds, etc. Advantages of infrared light therapy need to be pointed out one by one. [More]

  • It helps to lower the blood pressure.
  • It can relieve arthritis pain.
  • It can boost immune system functioning
  • It enhances mood
  • No damaging of DNA is caused as that included in other treatments
  • It reduces inflammations
  • It increases the speed of wound healing by two times.
  • It improves heart cell functioning
  • It helps to lower the blood glucose level.
  • It can even treat fever.
  • It boosts the body metabolism.
  • It can raise a low temperature of the body.
  • It can correct sleeping disorders.
  • It can help you recover brain injuries much faster.
  • It can fight against aging.

If infrared treatment is undertaken for sinuses and other head-related discomforts make sure that it is not used for more than 10 minutes. The mid-infrared region is less explored for medical treatments. Near-infrared and far infrared regions had proved their enduring effects in treatments. Although infrared light treatment is more likely to be on a safer side, it should be a user’s priority to check with the precautions while handling the infrared light.

When handling infrared devices on the face, it is important to use a safety goggle. It will not damage your eyes instead it can cause some irritation due to its glare. As fine hair follicles can absorb energy, it may cause a little pain.

  • Do not apply the infrared light over wet skin.
  • Never use it over an open wound as it can increase the bleeding.
  • Clean the probe with proper sanitizing agents after each use.

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